VYDENCE® Medical Privacy Policy


VYDENCE® Medical protects your personal data that is automatically collected or provided with your consent.

We are committed to ensuring and preserving your privacy, as well as the confidentiality of your information, so that we can have an enduring relationship based on trust.

VYDENCE® Medical conducts its activities on the basis of four pillars, which are the essential structure that shows our concern with ensuring consumer privacy. They are:

a) Respect: consideration for the law and for the owner of the data and that person’s choices as someone who deserves to have their privacy protected from the time the data is collected until it is disposed of;

b) Transparency: content is available that clearly explains the purposes for which personal information is being collected and handled, ensuring that VYDENCE® Medical conducts its activities publicly;

c) Balance: minimizing the impact on privacy in situations in which it is necessary to reconcile the right to privacy with the company’s economic activity; and

d) Responsibility: following the privacy guidelines both inside and outside the VYDENCE® Medical environment, reinforcing the need for compliance with partners and suppliers.

In this Privacy Policy, we explain how we collect, use, store and handle your Personal Information generated through access to the channels VYDENCE® Medical maintains.

1. Personal information that can be collected

The data and the means of collecting it can vary according to the product/service used, as well as according to the consumer’s method of using and interacting with VYDENCE® Medical, whether or not the consumer is a customer. This information can also be obtained through a third-party or commercial partner who has permission to share it with us.

The information that can be collected, when necessary, consists of:

a) Full name, address, gender, date of birth, ID card number, personal taxpayer ID number, medical license number, corporate taxpayer ID number, telephone number, email, profession, mother’s and father’s name;

b) Banking information or credit or debit card numbers (for payment processing);

c) Voice, when there is contact through a Customer Service channel (customer service interaction recorded);

d) Preferences for specific products, services and activities, with this information being provided by the consumer him or herself, or deducible based on the manner the consumer uses the products and services (for more information about the data that can be collected through cookies, web beacons or other technologies, please see our Cookies Policy);

e) Browsing history for potential use in making personalized offers and recommendations (if consent is given).

Personalized information will be collected in the following situations:

a) Purchase or use of our products or services

b) Registration and/or interest in a specific product or service;

c) Subscription to newsletters, alerts or other VYDENCE® Medical services;

d) Making contact through one of the service channels;

e) Visiting or browsing on our website or other Group websites;

f) Having authorized other companies (that are business partners or have joint initiatives or that are suppliers to VYDENCE® Medical) to share information about oneself;

g) When the personal information is publicly available;

h) When the person is a customer of a company that is part of the VYDENCE® Medical economic group;

i) When we have a legal basis and legitimate interest, we will collect information directly from certain companies, such as credit evaluation/monitoring bureaus.

Other data can also be collected automatically, through technologies such as cookies. Cookies are files or information that can be stored on your devices when you visit or browse on our channels.

We use the Necessary Cookies so that we can make our websites function properly, as well as to allow the User to enjoy all the functionalities available.

To make it possible for VYDENCE® Medical to understand how visitors interact with our websites, what areas are visited, the time of the visit and any occurrences in the use of the Portals, we use Performance Cookies.

To make it possible for the channels to remember a User’s earlier choices, such as the website language, thus allowing personalized use, we use Functional Cookies.

2. Purposes of handling personal information
Personal data can be used for the following purposes:

a) To perform the contract, make access to our platforms’ functionalities available, fulfill requests and improve the products and services: to process purchase orders, supply the product or service requested (conduct recalls, send messages, use a connected platform, etc.), issue a tax receipt or invoice based on the use of the services, etc.;

b) To send VYDENCE® Medical marketing materials: with the consumer’s consent, this will be done in publicity campaigns, newsletters, offering products or services, and/or promotional announcements, drawings, contests, invitations to participate in surveys, by email, text message, telephone calls or WhatsApp, for which preferences and continued participation can be chosen directly in the emails received, clicking on the desired option;

c) Performing credit evaluation, fraud prevention, such as by verifying identity to provide service, and in the application of product and service terms and conditions, in accordance with VYDENCE® Medical’s interest: in these cases, VYDENCE® Medical’s commercial interests will be evaluated to ensure they do not infringe consumers’ rights;

d) Compliance with legal and regulatory obligations: observing accounting and tax rules, as well as legislation and industry regulations, such as, for example, in cases in which information is retained for recall purposes, issuance of tax documents, or to give an accounting to the National Data Protection Authority.

For statistical purposes, VYDENCE® Medical can provide anonymized data (that does not allow the User to be identified) collected about customers, sales, types of products and information from fiscal years from the site to reliable third parties.

3. Who can the personal data be shared with?

When necessary, VYDENCE® Medical will share your Personal Data with:

a) Companies from the VYDENCE® Medical Group, located in Brazil or abroad;

b) Service providers involved in making our products and services available (if a VYDENCE® Medical product or service is acquired through a third party, it will be necessary to exchange information to manage the relationship and the account, for example);

c) Partners with whom we might conduct joint promotions and actions;

d) Credit rating bureaus, for purposes of authentication, fraud protection and credit protection;

e) Police authorities, government organizations, regulatory authorities, courts or other government authorities, when we are required or authorized to do so, under the terms of Brazilian law; and

f) Emergency services (if a call to emergency services is made), which will include sharing your approximate location.

VYDENCE® Medical might subcontract companies to handle your personal data, in whole or in part, under the terms allowed by the General Personal Data Protection Act (Law 13,709/2018). These subcontractors, together with the other companies from the VYDENCE® Medical Group, will be obligated under the terms of the contracts entered into to protect the confidentiality and guarantee the privacy and security of the data to which they have access and they will not be able to use the data for any other purposes or relate them to other data they possess.

If VYDENCE® Medical needs to send your information outside of Brazil, we will take all the security measures necessary, as well as ensure that these transfers occur under an agreement with specific contractual clauses for this purpose or other guarantees provided for in applicable law if the country of destination of the data does not provide a degree of personal data protection in keeping with what is provided for under Brazilian data protection law.

4. Personal data owner’s rights

The law guarantees the owners of data certain rights in relation to their personal information that is in the possession of VYDENCE® Medical, as a function of their treatment and handling. These include:

a) Knowing what personal data is handled by VYDENCE® Medical;

b) Knowing who we share the data with;

c) Correcting, updating and/or supplementing the data;

d) Requesting the anonymization, blocking or elimination of unnecessary, excessive or illegally handled data;

e) Revoking consent regarding personal data handled under this hypothesis.

Additionally, you can exercise any other right provided by law.

All requests can be made free of charge and will be submitted in a way that validates your identity (so that VYDENCE® Medical provides services on such requests exclusively to the owners of the data).

To exercise your rights as the owner of personal data, please write to our contact email (available in item 7 of this policy).

5. How will personal information be protected?

VYDENCE® Medical commits to taking all types of administrative, technical and physical measures for preventative purposes in relation to security and privacy during the performance of our activities involving personal data, from training our employees and raising their awareness, through to the use of advanced cryptography and firewall technologies.

All information provided by Users will be stored in a secure and integral manner, in a controlled, monitored and secure environment. The information obtained will be considered confidential and can only be accessed by persons authorized by VYDENCE® Medical who have been trained to handle it properly.

If our websites have connections to third-party websites, it is possible that during your browsing you will be directed to these sites. In these cases, responsibility for the security and protection of your data will lie with the mentioned third parties. We therefore recommend that you read the terms of use, privacy policies and cookie policies of the respective sites.

This same situation applies to cases in which you disclose your personal data in social plug-ins and search sites. In these cases, your data will be handled by the third parties in question and, once again, we recommend that you read the terms of use, privacy policies and cookie policies of these respective websites/third parties.

6. Data retention period

Personal data will be handled by VYDENCE® Medical under the terms of applicable law. It will only be retained when lawful to do so and only for the period during which the data is necessary to achieve legal, specific and stated purposes, such as in the case of giving an accounting and complying with legal or regulatory obligations, under applicable provisions.

Data retention is also possible based on your consent, for the period during which you allow the continuation of the communication, such as in the case of sending newsletters and surveys, and, additionally, in cases of support and promotion of VYDENCE® Medical activities and protection of the normal exercise of your rights or the provision of services that benefit you. In summary, VYDENCE® Medical can keep:

a) Data that is used for marketing or survey purposes, which will remain stored on the database as long as the owner’s interest in receiving these materials continues, with it being possible to opt out at any time, revoking the consent;

b) The data that is handled for purposes of performing contracts in the sale of devices, evaluation of credit, parts or maintenance will be used during the effective term of the contract and stored for the legal period necessary under the law in effect.

7. Contact and questions

The Data Protection Officer at VYDENCE® Medical has the duty of responding to requests from personal data owners, as well as interacting with the National Data Protection Authority.
If you have any questions or requests specifically related to the matter of personal data protection, the current Data Protection Officer is Thomaz Granato, who can be contacted by email at ti@vydence.com.

8. Applicable law

This document was prepared on the basis of Brazilian Federal Law 13,709/2018 (The Brazilian Personal Data Protection Act).

* VYDENCE® Medical reserves the right to amend, add to or remove content and parts of this policy at any time, at its exclusive option. We recommend that you review this policy whenever you browse on this website.

Policy updated: November/2020