The best-selling
Brazilian LASER
in the world.

Versatility with 8 LASER
and light technologies
The world’s
most versatile and
complete superplatform
1,064 nm Nd:YAG or
755 nm ALX super
LASER platform

The world’s first and
only micro fractional
picosecond handpiece.

Micro fractional 1,064/532 nm
LASER in picoseconds
Handpieces and technologies

Expert Opinion

“DualMode® and ProDeep® together bring great benefits to my clinical practice, with proven clinical effectiveness of the technology.”

Dr. Alexandre Filippo brazil

“The integration of the ETHEREA-MX® adds a lot in versatility and gives the physician options that they would not typically have using a cavity LASER.”

Dr. Valéria Campos brazil

“Patients are very satisfied with the results obtained with ETHEREA® and the range of options you offer on a day- to-day basis makes treatments possible, not only in the aesthetic and cosmetic area, but
also in the clinical area.”

Dr. Célia Kalil brazil

“The handPICO® is undoubtedly an innovation and it really surprised us because, despite being a tip, it generates very effective power in the treatment of indications of this type of technology”

Dr. Nuno Osório spain

“The customer service and support provided by VYDENCE® offer full backing and reliability to my practice – a factor that I consider fundamental when talking about medical technology.”

Dr. Juliana Jordão brasil

“The LongPulse® allows for efficiency in the treatment of different types of vessels: from small telangiectasias to reticular veins, with excellent results.”

Dr. Rodrigo Kikuchi brazil

“My patients’ satisfaction has greatly increased since the incorporation of the 2940 nm, DualMode® LASER.”

Dr. Petra Vega spain

“Spectacular results with the Q- Switched LASER – ACROMA-QS® and the non-ablative fractional 1,340 nm LASER – ProDeep®.”

Dr. David Romero spain

“I started working with ATHENA® a few months ago and I am surprised with the improvement that patients report from the first session, which helps a lot in the loyalty to the complete treatment.”

Dr. Flávia Addor brasil

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