Tattoo removal


of people who get tattooed regret it

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tattoos on average

Getting a tattoo at a young age is one factor that contributes to tattoo regret

Q-SWITCHED LASER tattoo removal is an increasingly sought-out procedure. LASER removal is among the only treatments capable of removing tattoo pigmentation, although several sessions are often required. Treatment results depend on the tattoo’s colors, how long ago it was done, the depth of pigment penetration and the type of ink used.

In Brazil, of the total percentage of women between 19 and 25 currently in higher education or who have already graduated, 60% have a tattoo. 48.2% are between 19 and 25 years of age, and almost 62% of them have a higher education degree or are nearing completion¹.

On average, a person has 2 to 3 tattoos on their body¹.

About 20% of the individuals that get a tattoo at some point regret (or get tired of) it, and choose to remove it or even lighten it. Impulsivity and youth are among the factors that make these people tire of their design².

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