Onychomycosis is an infection of the nail caused by fungi that feed on keratin, a protein that makes up the majority of the nails. Toenails are the most affected as they face moist, dark and warm environments more often than hands. This environment is considered ideal for the growth of fungi.

The treatment of onychomycosis is challenging because the fungal infection is incorporated into the nail. It may take a year or more because of new nail growth (untreated) is entirely replace the infected nail. The treatment of onychomycosis depends on the clinical type of onychomycosis, the number of nails affected and severity of involvement of the nail.

Treatment of onychomycosis with LASER offers several advantages compared to conventional treatment: no danger to intoxicate the internal organs, cause no harm to be during treatment and there is no scientific reports of resistance to the fungus LASER. This means that even if the person stops the treatment for a time, the LASER destructive effect on the fungus remains effective, and even if recurrence of disease, the laser can always be used with the same results

O tratamento da onicomicose com LASER oferece várias vantagens em comparação ao tratamento convencional: não apresenta perigo de intoxicar os órgãos internos, não causa mal estar durante o tratamento e não há relatos científicos de resistência do fungo ao LASER. Isto significa que, mesmo se a pessoa parar o tratamento por um tempo, o efeito destrutivo do LASER sobre o fungo permanecerá eficiente, e mesmo que tenha recidiva da doença, o LASER pode ser sempre utilizado com os mesmos resultados.

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