Laser Toning

Brazil holds


place for number of cosmetic procedures performed


million cosmetic procedures were performed in Brazil

The global beauty, wellness, and aesthetics market is worth


billion (BRL)

In 2013, more than 11.5 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the world, of which 12.9% were in Brazil (1.49 million). The U.S. is in second place with 1.45 million procedures performed, followed by Mexico with 486,000, and Germany with 343,000.

The Brazilian beauty market, ranked third in the world after the United States and Japan, increased production fivefold between 1996 and 2009, according to data from the Brazilian Association of the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Industry (ABIHPEC). BRL 36.24 billion were galvanized in 2012, and the ABIHPEC estimate points to a spike of BRL 50 billion in 2015¹.

In 2009, data published in the electronic journal Fator Brasil described Brazilian consumption habits and behavior during the 2008 and early 2009 financial crisis. In the study, consumers responded to a direct question about how the crisis affected their consumption habits, and indicated whether such habits changed. The results showed that spending on beauty and health suffered little impact during the crisis, vacillating from 49% in 2008, to 51%, in 2009¹.

Euromonitor International reported an 11% growth in the beauty industry, with revenues at BRL 101.7 billion last year².

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