VYDENCE has identified certain fraudulent domain name registrations that are similar to the domain name and that make connections to our brand. The similarity of the fraudulent domain names, together with the use of the company’s name, show a clear intent to commit fraud and digital theft against our customers, suppliers, partners and the community in general.

If you receive any kind of communication in VYDENCE’s name, please be sure the message comes from the only website and domain name that officially belongs to us at VYDENCE Medical – – and to which all our official email addresses and notices are tied.

You should also BE SUSPICIOUS if:

    1. You find a VYDENCE product advertised on the internet at a price well below the market price, claiming to be an official channel. At VYDENCE, we never sell products through online platforms. This is done only by third parties selling used products or products that are not brand new, on the seller’s account and liability, with no connection to VYDENCE Medical or our subsidiaries;


    1. You are contacted for a price quote and supply of products through sites with online redirection, without any official documentation containing the VYDENCE Medical logo and letterhead. We negotiate the acquisition of materials solely through official emails (tied to the domain name) and with order forms, which are signed by employees and legally valid, with the delivery address being our headquarters in São Carlos, in the state of São Paulo;


  1. The tenor of the email you received is not in keeping with our customary approach. In this case, we recommend that you contact us by telephone and ask for the person who contacted you, making sure that they really sent the message and that the content is accurate.

We are already taking the appropriate measures to immediately cancel all fraudulent domain names associated with the VYDENCE brand and its owners and to identify the parties who are responsible.

If you have any doubts or questions about this matter, please contact us by email at or by telephone at +55 16 3306 5050

VYDENCE Medical – Indústria e Comércio Ltda.