Fractional resurfacing

Concern about self-image and well-being has increased dramatically in recent years, with the demand for new treatment options noninvasive able to return to all your skin young and renewed appearance. The greatest progress in this regard was the creation of fractional ablative lasers that through the energy division in microdots, promote the vaporization of the treated tissue, eliminating wrinkles, scars, benign pigmented lesions and a number of indications widespread in medicine. This is the basic principle of resurfacing: treating the skin as a whole, at different levels of ablation and, in some cases combined with coagulative effect as in DUALMODE® technology that stimulates collagen in depth.

The fractionated lasers have emerged as an alternative to traditional resurfacing, offering less downtime, rapid re-epithelialization of the treated tissue, beyond the reduced complication risk.

LASER peel

The laser peel is a next-generation technology that procedure through the use of laser energy delivered to the tissue in a controlled and microfacionada way acts removing the epithelial layer, inducing neocollagenesis the region while promoting the thinning of superficial lesions. In addition to widely referred to as one of the most advanced treatment options available in the market, it offers security and excellent short-term results.

The laser peel is usually indicated for the treatment of mild skin conditions such as wrinkles and fine lines, skin lesions and superficial scars, large pores, tonning and photoaging. Most of the face and limbs may be treated with great success without restrictions. Common treatment areas include the neck, hands, arms and even arms.

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