Hair removal 

The demand for epilation increases by


in autumn and winter

The demand for epilation increases by


in the summer

The demand for hair removal treatments among men increased by


Permanent hair removal using IPL was first done around 20 years ago, and became available for commercial use in the mid-90’s. Epilation has become one of the most common medical aesthetic procedures in clinics worldwide, keeping at the forefront of traditional hair removal methods. It uses melanin as the target chromophore, with wavelengths and parameters specific to each hair type and skin phototype.

Today, the effectiveness of epilation is widely accepted in dermatology, particularly regarding the duration of treatment, safety and speed of the results obtained, with numerous studies published proving the clinical efficacy of the procedure.

In the colder seasons of the year, namely autumn and winter, the demand for LASER or IPL hair removal in clinics and medical offices tends to increase by around 20% to 25%¹.

In summer, the demand for progressive and permanent hair removal procedures can increase by 50%².

According to an SBME study, the demand for aesthetic treatments for men rose from 1% to 20% in the last decade³.

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