VYDENCE® was born in 2016 as a result of the fusion between INDUSTRA Technologies and ADVANCE Medical, consolidating itself in Brazil as the largest company in medical aesthetics devices. VYDENCE® DNA is genuinely Brazilian, but with the American way of making things happen.


VYDENCE Medical born by the merge of ADVANCE Medical and INDUSTRA Technologies, both former market-share leaders in Brazil.

Brazilian DNA

We’re the number #1 company in Brazil now present in over 20 countries worldwide, including USA.


We were the 1st Latin America company to develop and manufacture a LASER platform that has important global certifications such as FDA, Health Canada and CE.

Market Share #1

Leader in Brazil
VYDENCE is the #1 medical LASER brand in the world’s 2nd largest aesthetic market.


We strive to develop and commercialize the safest and highest-performance technologies and to provide service excellence as a means to best serve medical practices and their patients well-being.


Technology must be considered the major enabler of health and well being of all people, thus helping build a better world.


• Quality and safety are not negotiable.

• Ethics and integrity are in our DNA.

• Amazing relationships are only built with transparency and mutual dependency.

• We value teamwork and are results-oriented.

• This company is me and I am the company.

• We strive to become indispensable.

• The customer is the boss.

• To create the best is the only choice available.

VYDENCE® Medical

A constantly growing company.

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