Anvisa Registration N° 80058580018

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DELIGHT® leads to his clinic the most modern technology for the minimally invasive treatment of varicose veins. Relying on a historical wide clinical applications, with up to two lasers at different wavelengths, DELIGHT® leads to clinical practice more technology, safety and efficacy, offering a differentiated treatment option and high return relative.

IEC 60601-2-22 classification Product LASER – Class 4
ANVISA classification Class III
ANVISA registration number 80058580018
Input voltage 127-230 V~
Frequency of operation 50/60 Hz
Available models DELIGHT® 980 e DELIGHT® 1470
Wavelength 980 nm ou 1470 nm; per model
Power (Maximum) 30 W DELIGHT® 980
15 W DELIGHT® 1470
Fiber diameter bare tip 400/600 µm e RADIAL™
Operating models continuous or pulsed
Repetition rate 0.5-100 Hz
Treatment time 0-100 s
Applied areas Tipo BF
Dimenions L: 350 P: 367 A: 326 mm
Weight 12 Kg
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